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The Need for Practice Agreements with Physician Extenders

Many healthcare providers and practices still overlook the need to have a practice agreement with physician extenders such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners.  Many other providers and practices fail to update those agreements to ensure they are current and accurate.

Virginia regulation 18 VAC 85-50-101 sets forth the essential elements for a practice agreement for physician assistants, and 18 VAC 90-30-120 provides guidance for nurse practitioners.  The Board also provides a sample practice agreement. Practice Agreements must be maintained and available to the Board upon request. They do not require prior approval by the Board, but compliance with the regulations is imperative and failure to comply with the regulations could result in harsh penalties.  Additionally, some procedures may not be completed, even pursuant to a practice agreement, absent attestation of competence and Board approval.

If you need help understanding the regulations governing practice agreements or if you need assistance in preparing or updating your agreements, we would be happy to help.