Firm Updates

RawlsMcNelis Changes Firm Name to Rawls Law Group, Continues Focus on Healthcare and Other Practice Areas

Well known healthcare law firm, formerly known as RawlsMcNelis, today announced it will change its name to Rawls Law Group, P.C.  With offices in Richmond, Norfolk and Fairfax, Rawls Law Group will continue to focus on its growing healthcare law practice, as well as its nationwide Federal Tort Claims and vaccination injury practices.   The change also reflects the departure of a former partner after 18 years of service to the firm.

Brewster Rawls, founder and President of Rawls Law Group, explained the new direction of the firm: “Our law firm is moving in a good direction, one of efficiency with a concentration on higher margin practice areas.” Rawls went on to say that the complexities of today’s healthcare system create a huge opportunity for law firms that can help individuals and businesses navigate the maze of laws and regulations.  “With our team of experienced healthcare attorneys, we are ideally suited and positioned for this role.”  Rawls noted that the firm will continue to grow its nationally recognized Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) practice representing veterans and military families. “Our former colleague, Ed McNelis, brought this practice to us 18 years ago and for that we will be forever appreciative.  Since then, we have become a leading national practice and we have had the privilege of representing hundreds of veterans and military families in nearly every state.”  Rawls said that the firm also wants to improve and expand its vaccination injury practice. “We strive to be as much of a nationwide leader in this area as we are in our FTCA practice,” Rawls said.

To read the official press release, distributed on July 10th, 2017, please click here.