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Protect Your Revenue

Healthcare providers often face challenges on payments and reimbursements.  Sometimes they have to battle insurance companies to get full and fair payment for care provided and in other cases, they have to defend allegations of improper reimbursements.  The matters can cost practices lost revenue and additional time and resources in pursuing the issues. We can help. We assist providers, including with Medicare and other reimbursement matters, so they can focus on the practice of medicine.

The government uses private contractors to process Medicare claims.

A Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) advises whether Medicare will pay the claim and provides an initial determination. If the determination is unfavorable, you may be able to ask for a redetermination.  Additional appeals progress from there. In some cases, the financial stakes can be high.  We can help ensure you appeal properly, help protect your interests, and help you keep valuable revenue by advocating on your behalf.

We will work with you to provide an efficient, cost-effective strategy to protect your interests.