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Medical Malpractice at the Allison Breast Center in Richmond, VA

Are you a patient of Dr. Bigg at the Allison Breast Center in Richmond, VA? 


The Virginia Board of Medicine deemed former Dr. Michael Bigg, “incompetent to practice medicine and surgery” in its 61-page report issued on May 20, 2020, concluding there is a "substantial danger to public health or safety" which resulted in the suspension of his license to practice medicine in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Dr. Bigg was a local radiologist and owner of Allison Breast Center on Forest Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. However, he no longer has his medical license, after it was determined that he misread the mammograms of at least 18 patients and reported to some of them that they did not have breast cancer when in fact they did.

Other allegations include former Dr. Bigg and his staff failed to order necessary mammographic and ultrasound imaging when there was concern to do so, ultimately failing to diagnose a patient of her breast cancer. 


Have you had a mammogram performed by Dr. Bigg at Allison Breast Center in the last few years? 


If so, then it might be a good idea to consider rescreening at another mammogram center. The reason for this suggestion is because Dr. Bigg’s medical license has been summarily suspended by the Virginia Board of Medicine, after they found him to be “incompetent to practice medicine and surgery.”

Lawsuit against former Dr. Bigg


Currently, there is at least one lawsuit pending against Dr. Bigg in Henrico County. That suit alleges that Dr. Bigg failed to properly interpret a woman’s mammograms for four years, resulting in the spread of her cancer and ultimately her death. 

This is a very unfortunate situation which appears to still be unfolding. So, if you underwent a mammogram at Allison Breast Center and either have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and/or believe you might have been misdiagnosed, give us a call or fill out the form below. We are here to help in any way we can. 


On August 27, 2020, the FDA also ordered Allison Breast Center to inform all of its patients “about the problems with the mammography quality at the facility.” According to the FDA, to date, “the facility has not performed the ordered notifications.”
If you were a patient of Allison Breast Center and need help getting your mammograms and medical records, we can help.
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Patients of Allison Breast Center, Please Note:

Since the news about Alison Breast Center broke, we have had many calls and we have reviewed multiple potential cases. We have accepted several and will soon be filing suit. Our firm has extensive experience handling cancer cases. Brewster Rawls in particular had a focus on breast cancer cases as a defense lawyer for decades. Such cases have been a staple of our FTCA practice from the start. Many lawyers are wary of cancer cases. We are not. 

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