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Brewster Rawls of Rawls Law Group Recognized as Go-To Lawyer for Medical Malpractice in Virginia

RICHMOND, VA, November 22, 2021–– Rawls Law Group is thrilled to announce Brewster Rawls was selected by Virginia Lawyers Weekly as a Go-To Lawyer in Virginia for medical malpractice law. This comes as Brewster has almost 38 years of experience exclusively as a trial lawyer.

Virginia Lawyers Weekly has been the commonwealth’s top source of legal information for practicing attorneys since 1986, providing a traditional weekly newspaper with innovative internet benefits, email services and web-based reporting.

Virginia Lawyers Weekly recognizes a "Go To Lawyer” as:

  • A lawyer who is an expert in his or her field, well-versed in the nuances of the case law, statutes and regulations clients will encounter.

  • A lawyer who is experienced and enjoys a record of success, with many cases and/or transactions that give testimony to the quality advice he or she can provide.

  • A lawyer to whom other lawyers make referrals because of his or her expertise and accomplishments.

  • A lawyer who can think creatively and identify all options for a client.

  • A lawyer you would name when a friend from another state calls and says she has a client who needs some legal help in a given part of our state.

About Brewster Rawls

Brewster is among the most experienced seasoned medical malpractice lawyers you will find anywhere. Although now focusing his practice exclusively on representing injured patients and their families, for 30 years Brewster was a respected defense lawyer. In addition to other sorts of cases, he tried well over 100 medical malpractice jury trials. That extensive experience has served him well as a plaintiffs’ lawyer. Since 2019 he has won multiple jury trials for plaintiffs, obtaining seven figure verdicts. Brewster is well-known for being able to get to the core of issues of almost any case and focusing on what matters to get the best results for his clients. He has achieved—and still maintains—a level of mastery in medical malpractice litigation that few other attorneys can boast.

About Rawls Law Group

Rawls Law Group is widely recognized for its nationwide Federal Torts practice representing veterans and military families in medical malpractice claims against the Federal government, nationwide vaccination injury cases and medical malpractice cases in the state of Virginia. To find out more about the cases we handle, please visit us online at



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