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Err Towards Boldness

Last year, I helped start an Anglican Church on the Southside of Richmond. The young priest is barely older than my son and at times refers to me a “dude.” That always makes me laugh.

Part of the plan to grow the new Parrish and build community was to gather people for food connected events. From the start, a serious cooker was part of the scheme.

Maybe this will turn out to be genius. Maybe it will be an expensive flop. I have no idea.

Regardless, I have to give this clergyman credit for thinking big.

And not thinking in typical church ways.

In a funny way there is a lesson even for non-church going lawyers. Err towards boldness.

Look beyond the usual lawyer ways.

For a number of reasons - geography being a big one - I didn’t join the new church much as I like the vicar.

On the other hand, with my love of barbecue, when I saw this Instagram post I was tempted to change.

Very tempted….


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