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Fragility of Life - Things Can Turn Quickly

The year has wrapped up. For trial attorneys, the time around the holidays is usually kind of quiet - unless you have a trial the first week of January, which I don’t (although I do have one the third week). This year, the pace slowed a bit, just as I expected. It’s a nice break which I always enjoy.

Yesterday, I left work early and took Maggie to the vet for her annual check up. She was a very brave girl, even when they drew blood. I was so proud of her that I actually considered a trip to Build-a-Bear to get her a new animal. I didn’t do so - thinking that would have been deemed (with good reason) to be ridiculous.

Anyway, Maggie is healthy and for that I am grateful. She’s almost 10 so she’s at that age when you start to worry. Her health could go downhill quickly any time. That will be very hard when it happens.

I suppose that 2021 was not quite the return to normalcy we were promised, but both personally and professionally it’s been a good one. For that I am very grateful.

Our firm did great. We had our best FTCA year ever and the other practice areas did quite well too. The credit to me is limited; our success was largely a function of the great people with whom I work. I am so lucky!

Personally, my wife and I got our house sold and we are super excited about the new one. Everyone is doing okay. I am very fortunate to see my adult children all the time. Almost every Sunday there is some combination of them at dinner. Again, what good fortune.

On the other hand, I also have to recognize that all of this is very fragile. At this point, I am at the age where I know all too well how quickly things can change. Our worlds can and do crash about us. That should have the effect of making me all the more appreciative of the good times. That’s usually the case, although, like almost everyone, I am not immune to occasional self-pity and even despair.

On second thought, maybe I will get Maggie a new stuffed animal. She is a “senior dog” after all and her animals do bring her pleasure.

And I am ridiculous about my dog.

Happy New Year my LinkedIn friends.


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