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What is the Board of Medicine?

The Virginia Department of Health Professions (DOHP)’s mission is to ensure safe and competent patient care by licensing health professionals, enforcing standards of practice, and providing information to healthcare practitioners and the public. The DOHP consists of 13 health regulatory boards, led by volunteers appointed by the Governor.  The DOHP licenses and regulates approximately 350,000 healthcare practitioners in Virginia in about 80 professions. Each board is composed of licensed healthcare practitioners and citizens from different geographic locations across the state. Board members may also serve on related advisory committees.

The Boards, including the Board of Medicine, have field investigators throughout Virginia.  When an investigation is underway, an investigator often contacts the healthcare provider who is the subject of the complaint.  This is usually by telephone, email or letter.

Each Board also has staff members including licensing specialists, enforcement division staff, and an executive director.  The size of the staff varies, and some staff members work for multiple regulatory Boards.  Each Board has a panel of board members who attend informal conferences and formal conferences to hear cases.  The current Virginia Board of Medicine members are:

Syed Salman Ali, M.D. (internal medicine: hematology/oncology)

Barbara Allison-Bryan, M.D. (pediatrics), President

David Archer, M.D. (obstetrics and gynecology, reproductive endocrinology, infertility)

J. Randolph Clements, DPM (podiatrist)

Lori D. Conklin, M.D. (anesthesiology)

Alvin Edwards, Ph.D. (citizen member)

Deborah DeMoss Fonseca (citizen member)

David C. Giammittorio, M.D. (obstetrics and gynecology)

The Honorable Jasmine Gore (citizen member)

Jane Hickey, J.D. (citizen member)

Isaac Koziol, M.D. (urological surgery)

Maxine M. Lee, M.D. (anesthesiology)

Kevin O’Connor, M.D. (urological surgery), Vice-President

Wayne Reynolds, DO (family medicine)

David Taminger, M.D. (family medicine)

Svindor Toor, M.D. (child and adolescent neurology, clinical neurophysiology)

Nathaniel Ray Tuck, Jr., DC (chiropractor), Secretary-Treasurer

Kenneth J. Walker, M.D. (family medicine)