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When it comes to medical malpractice cases, Rawls Law Group is very different from other firms. For over 30 years, Brewster Rawls defended doctors and other healthcare providers in every corner of the Commonwealth of Virginia, although he now devotes his practice solely to the representation of plaintiffs.


Through much of his time as a defense lawyer, Brewster also represented medical malpractice plaintiffs in Federal Tort Claims Act cases all over the country. This long-standing experience handling cases on both sides combined with his extensive trial record, makes Brewster unique among medical malpractice lawyers anywhere.

Allison Breast Center Case in Richmond, Virginia?

Brewster has taken well over a hundred medical malpractice cases to trial.

In his career, Brewster has taken well over a hundred medical malpractice cases to trial. Early on, he also tried a significant volume of accident, insurance coverage and commercial cases. What this means is that he has presented cases to juries more than 150 times. Maybe there are others who can match Brewster’s extensive medical malpractice trial experience, but we are not aware of who they are. He didn’t win all those cases. Any lawyer who claims to have never lost a case – or some similar assertion like winning 95% of the time – is likely just not being honest. But anyone who dealt with Brewster always knew that he was not afraid to try a case and he would try it well.


No matter who you represent, trial experience always matters because the other side has to know that a lawyer is both willing to go to trial – that he or she is not afraid of doing so – and that the lawyer has the skills to try a case effectively. When the opposing party knows this, the clients tend to benefit by obtaining the best possible resolutions. Put bluntly, if your opposition knows you can and will try a case, you will be taken more seriously, much more seriously.


Put the power of our experience to work for you. We know how to evaluate these cases. We know how to present and prosecute them. And we know how to try them.

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Because of Brewster’s extensive experience in handling medical cases and his unique ability to see any case from “both sides,” his results for his clients have been consistently impressive, including multiple seven figure resolutions.


If you or a loved one has been harmed by improper or negligent medical care at a Virginia health care facility, you may be eligible for compensation. Contact our experienced Virginia Medical Malpractice attorneys online or call 877-838-4838 for a free initial consultation.


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