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Brewster Rawls Featured on The Renegade Lawyer Podcast

Brewster Rawls is a very experienced medical malpractice attorney who reinvented his practice AND developed a highly specialized national niche. He’s a master at using LinkedIn for marketing, tripling his leads in the last few years from that source alone (without spending a dime on LinkedIn advertising). Listen as Ben and Brewster catch up a bit and compare notes about what we’ve seen and are seeing in the profession.

About The Renegade Lawyer Podcast with Ben Glass

The podcast discusses how to live a flourishing life in a universe of charming people. Ben Glass interviews people who are creating a ding in the world by the way they run their lives, interact with others, and build their businesses so that those who have never been introduced to the concept of Live Life Big in their schools or around their dinner tables can hear what it’s like to feel good about living your best life.

Listen at this link:


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