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Brewster Rawls Selected as Fellow of the American Bar Foundation

Rawls Law Group is pleased to announce that Brewster S. Rawls has been selected as Fellow of the American Bar Foundation (ABF) in recognition of his outstanding achievement and dedication to the welfare of the community and to the highest principles of the legal profession.

About The American Bar Foundation

Established in 1955, Fellows encourage and support the research program of the ABF.   Membership is limited to one third of one percent of lawyers licensed to practice in each jurisdiction.  Mr. Rawls was nominated by his peers and elected by the American Bar Foundation board.

The American Bar Foundation is the preeminent resource for lawyers, scholars and policy makers who seek insightful analyses of the theory and functioning of law, legal institutions and the legal profession.  The ABF's work is supported by the American Bar Endowment, by The Fellows of the ABF, and by grants for particular research projects from private foundations and government agencies.  For more information, click here.

About Brewster Rawls

For over 20 years Brewster has managed Rawls Law Group. The firm was originally focused on medical malpractice defense, and as a defense lawyer Brewster tried well over 100 jury trials, which is a considerable number in that business. Brewster is now largely out of the medical malpractice defense business and is focused on the firm’s nationwide practice representing veterans and military families in Federal Tort Claims Act cases relating to medical malpractice at VA and military healthcare facilities. Further, under Brewster’s leadership, the firm has developed a nationwide practice representing individuals injured by vaccines.


To connect with Brewster Rawls on LinkedIn, please click here.


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