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Build Trust

Yesterday, I opened the dishwasher and a piece of the cabinet trim clattered to the floor.

Not good. The cabinets are new - and they were not inexpensive.

I wasn’t even irritated. My immediate thought was that our contractor would make sure this gets fixed right.

We have worked with this contractor for almost two years. She has never over promised or under delivered. Texts and calls are answered promptly, usually within minutes. I trust her.

Glitches still happen, however. All have been addressed quickly.

Most people I talk with don’t have similar warm feelings for their contractors. Trust is not something you hear about - at least in the positive sense.

If you’re not seeing the lawyer lesson here, I worry about you.

Do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it.

Return calls, texts and emails.

Never lie to clients, even seemingly innocent “white lies.”

When mistakes happen, admit them.

In short, build trust.

If you have that trust, most clients will be okay when problems arise. They will be surprisingly understanding.

And we all know, there will bumps in the road.


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