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Communication is Key

The other day I had lunch with a young trial lawyer friend. Of course, we talked about law stuff, cases and clients. I actually enjoy such discussions immensely (except when puffery comes into play, which it does not not with this individual).

My friend described dealing with the house counsel for a well-known automobile insurance company. He called the lawyer as a "good guy" who he liked a lot, but voiced frustration that he never responded to emails. Never.

Sorry, this attorney might be nice enough if he lived next door, but I have no use for lawyers who don't "do" email. That's just bulls***, which is what I told my colleague.

Yeah, the flow of emails is a challenge. Tell me about it. I deal with at least 75 to 100 a day - and that's after purging the irrelevant ones. I don't think my situation is all that unusual - and I have no doubt there are lawyers who deal with a higher volume.

The simple reality is that email is the basic communication method for this business. You don't get the option of just ignoring it. Period. Full stop. End of discussion.

There are lots of ways to figure out how to juggle the flow of messages. Find what works for you. It's not that [f-bomb resisted] hard.

Every business day I manage to at least triage all my email. If I can do so, I have ZERO sympathy for those who can't or won't

I suppose I could be accused of ranting.

I don't care


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