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Everyone's Job is to Serve the Client

Some lawyers have the misplaced view that the function of paralegals and assistants is make their practices (and lives) easier.

Convenience might be an incidental benefit, but their role is not really about you, the attorney.

In a law firm, EVERYONE’S job is to serve the clients.

That’s the focus. Period.

So, here is some practical advice:

* Don’t create extra work. For example, don’t ask someone to prepare your expense reports. By the time you gather the information, you might as well do it yourself.

* Respond promptly to requests for input and/or approval. Don’t make people have to bug you.

* Keep people informed. At Rawls Law Group, we generally try to copy the whole case team on everything.

* Along the same lines, read your emails - and respond as needed.

* Make sure everyone has notice of deadlines. Never sit on information.

* Be realistic and fair about priorities. All of us have to juggle tasks.

* Admit your own errors, and be quick to forgive those of your co-workers. We all screw up.

The list could go on - and on.

In summary, there are are two basic rules on which all else depends.

First, always do what is best for the client. That should be the core principle for all that we do. If there is not a real benefit to our clients, then we should be dubious.

Second, treat your colleagues like you would want to be treated.

Oh yeah, the Golden Rule also applies to law firms.


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