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Last Medal of Honor Recipient from World War II Passes Away

The last Medal of Honor recipient from World War II died this week. Mr. Williams' story is an incredible one.

Like everyone my age, I grew up in a world populated by veterans of that war, including my father. Almost all of them are gone now. Our living link to that time is disappearing rapidly.

Twenty-three years ago when my firm started representing veterans and their families in FTCA medical malpractice cases, we got plenty of calls from WWII veterans.

On a couple of occasions, we were contacted by individuals who knew my father during that war or the Korean War which followed so closely. Those were great conversations, which I recall fondly. Many of those veterans with whom we dealt back then had incredible stories. Representing them was an honor.

A lot has been said about what many call the Greatest Generation. Perhaps that label is a cliche. Regardless, it's an apt description.

Our world is a poorer place without these veterans who made such incredible sacrifices. But for their determination, our world would be a very different one - and, almost certainly, a darker one. We still owe them a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid.


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