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Periodical Audit of Service Providers

Periodically review your service plans and vendor agreements

Long ago, I got a cell phone plan that gave me nationwide coverage. The plan had no roaming charges. Such charges used to be a big deal. Considering that our FTCA practice is, in fact, nationwide, this made sense. I traveled a lot - and I still do.

Over the years, I more or less just renewed the plan. However, in that time, data usage has become a bigger deal, especially as I often use my phone as a hot spot to avoid public wifi.

Yesterday, I ran out of data with over a week to go on the bill. This has happened before, but usually only a day or two before the end of the billing period.

So, this morning I was about to just buy a bit more data, but Verizon prompted me to review my plan. Low and behold, I got a new plan with unlimited data and it is $20 per month LESS than what I am paying now.

The good news is that I will save money going forward. The bad news is that I have been over-paying for who knows how long.

The lesson for anyone in business is to regularly review your arrangements with service providers. It's likely to pay off.


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