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Plant The Trees

There is an old saying about the wisdom of someone who plants trees knowing that he will not live long enough to enjoy their shade.

We moved to our new house a couple of weeks ago. A few days later, jonquils popped up all over the yard. They are beautiful.

According to the son of the original owner, these flowers were planted 60 years ago. The bulbs came from the yard of one of his grandparents. Who knows when those were first planted.

Decades ago, the family that carefully took the flower bulbs from one yard and transplanted them to this one had no notion of the pleasure they would bring to strangers years later.

The world is a tragic and scary place at the moment. What is happening in Ukraine cannot be ignored.

It is exactly at moments such as this one, however, that we should look to the future and do what we can to try to make our world a better one - even if we may never see any benefit from our efforts.

Plant those trees and bulbs.


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