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What Was The Defense Counsel Thinking?

Often, I look at defense counsel and just want to say: What were you thinking? At times, I want to just shake them and tell them they are screwing up.

Having been a defense lawyer for 30 years - and a fairly good one too - I know what I am talking about. I see defense lawyers filing hyperbolic motions and then getting slapped down by the court. I go to depositions and see witnesses who have plainly not been prepared. Even with things as mundane as court approval of a settlement, the sloppiness of some defense counsel is at times appalling.

If defense counsel are lackadaisical, I should not complain. I am now a plaintiffs' medical malpractice lawyer after all.

Even so, sometimes I want to look at these attorneys on the other side and yell at them to "do you f***ing job!"

I suppose that that would not be very productive. Or beneficial to my clients.

With young lawyers, it makes me sad. Perhaps, they have never been taught well.

With more experienced lawyers, it's maddening. They should know better.

Regardless, bad lawyering is just distasteful.

It's kind of like chalk squeaking on a blackboard.


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