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Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Richmond VA

Medical errors happen. Good doctors make bad mistakes – even in the most reputable institutions with the most highly qualified physicians. These healthcare providers are typically fine people who have dedicated their lives to helping others, but like all of us, they are fallible.

Here’s reality: Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. Such errors cause millions of injuries, sometimes quite devastating ones. It can and does happen to anyone, even doctors getting treatment themselves. No matter how meticulous and informed you are, the risk is always there.

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If this happens to you or a family member, what do you do?

Frankly, distasteful though it may seem, you may need to consider a medical malpractice lawsuit. For the sake of you or your family, it would be imprudent not to do so, but we also know that it’s not an easy call.

We handle medical malpractice cases – and we are good at it - but we are not anti-physician


We will not take a case unless we are convinced that there was negligence by a healthcare provider which caused a genuine harm. We understand quite well that not all bad outcomes are the product of medical errors. Treatments have complications, sometimes serious ones. We know that doctors didn’t cause the condition they were trying to treat. But too many times we have also seen good families – successful people who have done everything right - confronting a disaster because their healthcare provider did not provide the right care.  

When we look at potential cases, we do it with a keen sense of protecting the privacy of those who have sought our advice. Even if we cannot help you, which is often the case, we know you did not make the decision to come to us lightly. You deserve our respect and you will get it.


When it comes to medical malpractice cases, Rawls Law Group is very different from other firms. For over 30 years, Brewster Rawls defended doctors and other healthcare providers in every corner of Virginia. Some of those doctors remain connected with him. A few years ago, Brewster refocused his practice on representing injured patients. This move did not happen because of disillusionment with doctors and other healthcare providers. He got tired of dealing with the insurance companies involved in malpractice suits, finding their conduct was often unfair to all involved, the injured patients, the doctors they claimed to be protecting, and the lawyers they retained.  

Through much of his time as a defense lawyer, Brewster also represented medical malpractice plaintiffs in Federal Tort Claims Act cases all over the country. This long-standing experience handling cases on both sides, combined with his extensive trial record, makes Brewster unique among medical malpractice lawyers anywhere.

Trial experience always matters because the other side has to know that a lawyer is both willing to go to trial – that he or she is not afraid of doing so – and that the lawyer has the skills to try a case effectively. When the opposing party knows this, the clients tend to benefit by obtaining the best possible resolutions. Put bluntly, if your opposition knows you can and will try a case, you will be taken seriously. In his career, Brewster has tried well over 100 medical malpractices cases throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. There are few, if any, lawyers currently practicing who can come close to matching that number. Brewster did not win all those cases, but any lawyer who says he or she has never lost a case is just dishonest – or that person has no trial experience. However, no one ever doubted his willingness to try a case.

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Glen is a trial lawyer with a state-wide and national litigation practice. He has wide-ranging experience dedicated to representing clients in complex civil litigation, with an emphasis on medical malpractice and healthcare litigation. With a singular focus on protecting his clients’ long-term interests, Glen represents his clients on trial teams around the country, taking cases to verdict, winning them before trial, resolving them in mediation, and avoiding litigation before suit is filed.

Glen was named a Leader in the Law by Virginia Lawyers Weekly and is consistently recognized as a Rising Star in Virginia Super Lawyers’ peer-ranked guide to top lawyers in the region. He is a graduate of the National Trial Advocacy College at the University of Virginia School of Law. Glen is deeply committed to public service and served in the Senate of Virginia and on the School Board of the City of Richmond. He has also led the Virginia State Bar’s provision of legal services to survivors of natural disasters, mass emergencies, and terrorist attacks affecting the Commonwealth.

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