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Carlyn Mikalson, Practice Manager at Rawls Law Group, Receives 2018 Unsung Legal Heroes Award

Rawls Law Group is proud to announce that Carlyn “Cari” R. Mikalson, the Practice Manager of our nationwide Federal Tort Claims Act practice group, has been selected in the Virginia Lawyers Weekly Class of 2018 “Unsung Legal Heroes.” Cari received this award for her outstanding work and positive influence in the legal profession. Rawls Law Group is pleased to have Cari on the team. Her dedication to case work, compassion for our clients, and consistent work ethic makes a positive impact on our work environment and is felt throughout our staff.

About Cari Mikalson

Carlyn “Cari” Mikalson has worked with Rawls Law Group since the firm’s inception, and has worked with the owner of Rawls Law Group, Brewster Rawls, since 1991. She has focused her career primarily in the area of medical malpractice. After spending a number of years working as a senior paralegal assisting in the defense of medical malpractice cases, Cari shifted her focus and has been working with veterans and their families pursuing medical malpractice tort claims. In that capacity, she has worked in all stages of case management, from initial evaluation through the administrative claims process to trial, when necessary. Cari has been assigned to cases in numerous federal courts across the country, and has years of experience with Virginia state and federal courts. More recently, Cari became the firm’s FTCA Practice Manager, and in this position employs her case management and client relation skills to continue her work with veterans and their families.

About Rawls Law Group

Rawls Law Group is widely recognized for our nationwide vaccination injury practice, as well as its nationwide practice representing veterans and military families in medical malpractice claims against the Federal government. To find out more about the cases we handle, please visit us online at or for our vaccine injury practice group, visit


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