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Justine Kesel, Legal Assistant at Rawls Law Group, Receives 2019 Unsung Legal Heroes Award

Rawls Law Group is proud to announce that Justine M. Kesel, a Legal Assistant in our nationwide Federal Tort Claims Act and vaccine injury practice groups, has been selected in the Virginia Lawyers Weekly Class of 2019 “Unsung Legal Heroes.” Justine received this award for her outstanding work and positive influence in the legal profession. Rawls Law Group is pleased to have Justine on the team.

justine kesel

About Justine Kesel

Justine has worked for Rawls Law Group for the past four years and is an invaluable member of the team. Justine has dedicated herself to client satisfaction, assisting our lawyers, paralegals, intake staff, and marketing director in a myriad of ways, ensuring that RLG provides excellent representation to our clients, and those seeking to become our clients. Justine is the very definition of a team player. She will assist anyone with any task, big or small, without question and she does it with an enthusiastic attitude. Both practices are extremely productive as a result of Justine’s superior work ethic and her dedication to keeping our intake process moving smoothly and efficiently. Justine’s dedication and commitment to her work and our firm is evident in everything she does.

About Rawls Law Group

Rawls Law Group is widely recognized for our nationwide vaccination injury practice, as well as its nationwide practice representing veterans and military families in medical malpractice claims against the Federal government. To find out more about the cases we handle, please visit us online at or for our vaccine injury practice group, visit

To view a full list of the 2019 Unsung Legal Heroes, please click here.


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