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Rawls & Mikalson Celebrate 30 Years of Working Together

Appreciate your colleagues - especially the ones that have stuck with you for the long term

This morning Carlyn Mikalson reminded me that we had started working together 30 years ago this month. At that time, I was a malpractice defense lawyer in a smaller firm. The malpractice lawyers had been part of a larger practice which had folded a few months before. Things were still a bit unsettled.

Cari started as a temp after a problematic assistant had departed. She almost instantly mastered the job and rapidly went on to develop other skills. Quickly, she became an invaluable colleague. It's not a joke to say that Cari is one of the better lawyers with whom I have ever worked - even though she never went to law school and has no law license. Cari has a great legal mind and keen insights. She writes beautifully.

Over the years the firms have changed, although we have been in this one almost 25 years now. The practice has changed as well. Our defense work is history - and I wish we had made that change sooner.

There have been ups and downs, good times and bad. Cari has been a good friend and colleague through it all. I am a very lucky lawyer.

Written by Brewster Rawls


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